Monday, October 22, 2007

NeoMedia & Gavitec Launch The NeoReader

NeoMedia Technologies and its wholly owned subsidiary, Gavitec AG - mobile digit, unveiled today their co-developed code-reading application – NeoReader – designed to turn a camera phone into a 1D and 2D barcode scanner that provides one-click access to mobile content.

Navigating the mobile Internet today can be a difficult task. Typing in web-addresses using small mobile keypads or navigating through mobile menus on the small screens can be time consuming and confusing, to the users. Imagine a world where camera phones could read a small barcode allowing immediate access to active content. Users can be directed instantly to advertising pages, location-specific information, direct-to-call access, or direct-to-text message access. With the NeoReader, users can read barcodes directly from product labels that are already printed on millions of packages, and be directed to additional information and promotions

The NeoReader allows users to scan 1D and 2D barcodes from enabled product packages, ad campaigns, retail displays, publications, or any variety of medium. Mobile users are able
to link directly to a specific web page, access services, retrieve real-time information, or place orders by bypassing long URLs, search engines, and avoiding cumbersome menus.

Providing an unparalleled and enriched interactive experience, the software provides limitless mobile phone applications that can enhance mobile marketing efforts
. The NeoReader provides businesses, consumer-oriented companies, and enterprise organizations the ability to create interactive products and services. Any product package, ad campaign, retail display, publication, or other variety of medium can be linked directly to the multimedia capability of the mobile Web, anytime and anywhere.

Consumers that download the NeoReader on their handsets will have the advantage of a ubiquitous and easy to use program that is both interactive and versatile. Many forms of information and online content can be embedded in barcode symbologies. The NeoReader can scan codes including all common non-proprietary 2D codes, including Data Matrix, QR, Aztec, as well as URL embedded 2D codes, and all traditional 1D UPC open source codes. This allows the NeoReader to function as a universal code reader and allows the user to click on a variety of codes with a single application installed.

The technologies behind the NeoReader application combine NeoMedia’s patented resolution technology, and Gavitec's ultra-small footprint and platform-independent code scanning algorithms, Lavasphere. Gavitec's award winning mobile code reading technology, Lavasphere, has been employed in the past few years to recognize 2D codes used in the BBC's Coast Mobile project as well as in other public trials in the UK, namely Hewlett-Packard Laboratories’ Active Print projects in Bristol. Currently, 3 major out of home media companies including UK’s affiliate, Clear Channel, are using the Lavasphere version of the code-reading technology to manage and control their billposting, and reach groundbreaking process optimization through camera phones.

The NeoReader ushers in and inaugurates a brand new era of innovative mobile enterprise and optical code reading solutions for the wireless industry. Visit to download the free application, and instantly transform your mobile phone into a universal code reader.

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