Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gavitec Powers Raffle For German Soccer League

21 soccer stadiums – 6 vehicles. This is the recipe for success for the advertising and creative agency Zum goldenen Hirschen. The goal is to attract soccer fans to visit the 62nd International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfort, Germany. Together with Gavitec AG – mobile digit, a NeoMedia Technologies company, the agency created the concept for this innovative and well-promoted raffle. Gavitec is a leader in technology provisioning for code-reading systems and software for mobile applications.

In each of the 21 stadiums of the 1st and 2nd soccer league, 5000 car keys have been attached at random underneath the visitor seats. The raffle has been advertised through video trailers, information flyers, promotion teams, as well as the stadium speaker. Six of the keys match to six winning cars. Upon the keys is a barcode, developed by NeoMedia’s Gavitec, which will be read at the IAA through Gavitec scanners. If the scanner accepts the barcode as a winning code, the owner of the key wins one of the six cars that are waiting for their new owner directly at the IAA.

Dr. Christian Steinborn, CEO of NeoMedia’s Gavitec AG – mobile digit, is enthusiastic about the marketing cooperation: "This project proves that mobile marketing is on the rise. Our flexible technology, in combination with such a great raffle, will certainly surprise soccer fans and bring them to visit the IAA." Hans H. Langguth, head of the campaigning unit of the agency Zum goldenen Hirschen is very pleased about the successful cooperation within this project. ”With Neomedia’s Gavitec AG – mobile digit we have found the ideal partner for such an innovative marketing concept. The Gavitec technology has presented our client and us a completely new kind of marketing solution. Now we are interested in the response of the German soccer fans!"

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