Tuesday, July 24, 2007

EFF Denied 2nd Request For Reexamination

U.S. Patent Office again upholds NeoMedia's mobile patents.

NeoMedia Technologies, the global leader in camera-initiated transactions for mobile devices, announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has rejected an application to invalidate its patents and intellectual property on how camera phones read, translate, and process images and codes.

The challenge by the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) was its second unsuccessful attempt to dislodge NeoMedia's patents which cover how camera phones read and process symbols, images, UPC codes, and RFID signatures through wireless networks. NeoMedia's patented process allows wireless operators to leverage camera phones to further monetize their networks as they provide new methods for consumers, businesses, advertisers and brands to use wireless technology.

"NeoMedia is once again very pleased with the decision of the U.S. Patent Office, and will continue to drive for use of mobile code technology that achieves mass global adoption of optically initiated wireless transactions on wireless networks," said William J. Hoffman Jr., the company's CEO.

"NeoMedia," he said, "is continuing to work with any and all participants in the wireless ecosystem in an effort to create a standardized global infrastructure that enables the broadest possible acceptance of mobile codes in all forms of commerce. By focusing on infrastructure that processes the transactions that drive this form of m-commerce," Mr. Hoffman said, "NeoMedia believes it can best monetize and propagate the technology embodied in our IP to the benefit of the entire global wireless value chain."

NeoMedia Technologies, is the global leader in camera initiated transactions for mobile devices. From RFID and optically initiated wireless transactions to the digital processing of mobile financial transactions, NeoMedia provides reliable high-volume solutions for the processing of universal optical codes and related information for mobile devices. To learn more about qode® and NeoMedia Technologies, please visit their home pages.

Click here to view the rejected patent reexamination request.

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