Wednesday, August 15, 2007

NeoMedia Increases Sales of Mobile Scanners

NeoMedia Technologies, the global leader in camera-initiated transactions for mobile devices, announced today the deployment of Gavitec's EXIO mobile phone scanners at concerts around Europe.

Fans and concert goers purchase electronic tickets over the internet and instantly receive a text message containing a two dimensional code (Data Matrix or QR) on their mobile phone. The code can easily be scanned at the concert's point of entry by mobile scanners for immediate event access. In doing so, NeoMedia demonstrates the use of optically processed mobile
codes for real-world financial transactions.

Mobile scanners are currently installed at various concerts in Germany, the PinkPop Festival in the Netherlands, the Christina Stürmer's concert in Austria, and the Dutch singer Guus Meeuwis concert. Attendees who utilize mobile phone ticketing have increased at each new event and have discovered the benefits of paperless mobile ticketing, thanks to NeoMedia's technology. The
innovation of mobile ticketing combined with 2D barcodes continues to gain broad consumer acceptance. In the future, mobile ticketing will be a standard ticketing method at multiple large scale events around Europe and at international venues. Why? Because nothing is easier!

"The future belongs to mobile ticketing and other financial transactions using NeoMedia's technology," stated the CEO of Gavitec AG -- mobile digit and subsidiary of NeoMedia Technologies, Dr. Christian Steinborn. "The application of NeoMedia's technology at concerts in Germany, Austria and in the Netherlands was a great success. For us, our clients, and concert goers; mobile ticketing means eliminating printed admission tickets (which can be lost) and no queues in front of the cash desk. Instead, mobile ticketing allows for easy, quick, and smooth handling."

Dr. Steinborn continued, "Through the network operators, event managers and ticket shops can benefit from mobile ticketing to generate higher sales through data transmission of mobile tickets, winning additional clients by introducing innovative ways of distribution, and creating a personalized database with client information and reliable access control."

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