Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sky Radio Interview With CEO William Hoffman

William J. Hoffman, Chief Executive Officer of NeoMedia Technologies was featured in an exclusive interview with Sky Radio that will air on American Airlines for the entire month of October.

The interview covered topics including NeoMedia Technologies' patented qode technology, the values and advantages associated with mobile code reading, growth initiatives, and future market potential.

NeoMedia Technologies is the global leader in camera-initiated transactions for mobile devices. From RFID and optically initiated wireless transactions to the digital processing of mobile financial transactions, NeoMedia provides reliable high-volume solutions for the processing of universal optical codes and related information for mobile devices. NeoMedia's international office is located in Aachen, Germany. This office, Gavitec AG - mobile digit, is the leading provider of mobile technologies and marketing solutions offering mobile enterprise applications and hardware devices for mobile ticketing and coupon transactions.

To download and listen to the Sky Radio interview with NeoMedia's CEO William Hoffman, please click here.

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