Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gavitec Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Gavitec AG – mobile digit, a NeoMedia Technologies company, celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Within the past ten years, Neomedia’s Gavitec evolved from a high-tech service provider of the industry into the market leader in the development of innovative scanner systems that are able to read linear barcodes and 2D-codes (such as Data Matrix) from mobile phone displays. Likewise groundbreaking are Gavitec’s solutions for reading codes by means of mobile phone cameras. The integrated digital cameras transform the mobile phone into a ubiquitary and all-purpose communication tool for mobile marketing and make mobile Internet transactions much easier and accessible all over the world. In addition, Gavitec’s barcode reading technology offers new opportunities for increasing end-users’ convenience, advancing customer loyalty, saving costs and establishing new business models.

Following the successful selling of the industrial division to Cognex in 2003, NeoMedia’s Gavitec concentrated their efforts on their mobile business. Already in the following year, the company won the Ericsson Mobile Application Award, the highly acclaimed "Oscar" of the mobile industry, in the category "Best Enterprise Application". In 2005, the Royal Television Society (RTS) awarded Gavitec’s Lavasphere technology in various categories.

Since 2006, Gavitec AG – mobile digit is a company of NeoMedia Technologies, USA. In the same year, Gavitec AG realized different projects in the field of mobile scanning, such as the development of a mobile couponing system for McDonald’s in Portugal. Digital discount vouchers were sent to registered clients of the Portuguese mobile service provider TMN. These discount vouchers, in form of 2D codes (Data Matrix), could then be redeemed in all participating McDonald’s restaurants at the Gavitec scanners without any operation efforts.

"Especially in the recent past, we proved and strengthened our technology leadership through successful implementation of various mobile marketing projects. With NeoMedia Technologies as a holding company, we will also in the future develop and market innovative cutting-edge technology in order to bridge the physical and mobile worlds. Our goal is to co-determine the developments in the mobile market and to successfully standardize mobile technology worldwide. We want to give new impulses to the marketing industry and thereby maintain the attractiveness for investors and employers," emphasizes Dr. Christian Steinborn, CEO of Gavitec AG – mobile digit, a NeoMedia Technologies company.

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