Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Custom Fit Realty Launches NeoSign

Custom Fit Realty, a Wisconsin based real estate company, recently announced the launch of their NeoSign Technology using 2D barcodes and mobile code reading technology from NeoMedia.

Continuing to push the frontiers of real estate innovation,
Custom Fit Realty has added a new marketing feature called NeoSigns to their fee-based home selling service. NeoSigns allow direct access to a property’s web site using 2D barcodes, code reading technology, and the internet right from a consumer's mobile device.

In order to use the application, house hunters can direct their mobile phone’s web browser to in order to download the free NeoReader application to their iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia or other camera enabled cell phone. Once downloaded, the NeoReader can be used to take a picture of a 2D barcode which will directly connect the consumer to that property listings' mobile website.

"This is called mobile tagging and is a terrific new application. I think you’ll find these codes all over in the very near future, but Custom Fit Realty is the first to outfit our real estate yard signs with new NeoSign technology," said a representative at Custom Fit.

"All of our listings have a NeoSign code and in the next few weeks we’ll be installing new NeoSigns on our properties as well as on our printed material. We’re moving away from dead-tree based marketing and the NeoSign continues to move us in that direction."

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