Tuesday, October 21, 2008

NeoMedia Partners With TecCom

NeoMedia Technologies, the global leader in camera-initiated barcode transactions for mobile devices, has been selected by TecCom, the leading B2B platform for the automotive replacement part market, to help identify if security coded automotive parts are genuine.

TecCom has chosen NeoMedia’s NeoReader® 2D barcode scanning solution to launch its new TecIdentify product. The system enables the camera in a mobile device to scan and read 2D CLEPA security barcodes on automotive parts and immediately check, via the internet, if that part is genuine – significantly reducing the risk of counterfeit parts making their way onto the market.

Commenting on the deal, Jurgen Buchert, CEO of TecCom said: "Our TecIdentify system is an especially efficient and convenient system that traces goods within the logistics chain. In rolling out NeoMedia’s NeoReader enterprise scanning solution, we are able to offer a new level of convenience to our customers. By employing the NeoReader solution, suppliers of automotive parts and traders can simply use their everyday mobile phone to scan a barcode and determine the validity of automotive parts."

Codes were previously only able to be captured and recorded using high-end, expensive scanners or by suppliers and traders manually inputting barcode numbers. NeoMedia’s technology introduces a convenient, low cost and ubiquitous option which enables information to be read courtesy of the camera function installed in a mobile phone.

"NeoMedia’s mission is to enable the global market to realize the ease, convenience and simplicity of 2D barcode technology," said Iain McCready, CEO of NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. "By extending the reach of our technology to the mobile handset, we are able to add increased flexibility and portability to our 2D barcode offering, while reducing the cost of existing fixed location scanning solutions. Our work with TecCom reflects the practicality and adaptability of our technology and demonstrates the vast range of commercial applications for 2D barcode systems."

To take advantage of the system, users simply install the NeoReader application onto their mobile phone and launch it to scan the part’s 2D security code. Once scanned, users are automatically directed to the TecIdentify website, where the code is checked for authenticity against its database. There is no adaptation or customization needed for the NeoReader application to work, nor does a user need to purchase a special mobile phone.

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