Thursday, September 25, 2008

NeoMedia & Format Dynamics Join Forces

NeoMedia Technologies, the global leader in camera-initiated barcode transactions for mobile devices, and Format Dynamics, an innovator in online print and ad optimization, recently announced a strategic alliance designed to accelerate innovation in both online and offline advertising.

NeoMedia develops technology that connects 2D barcodes to interactive content served via mobile networks. Format Dynamics has defined a new advertising category by creating ad inventory served only to the printed Web page. Together, NeoMedia and Format Dynamics will provide the publishing and advertising communities with new ways to increase the value of traditional advertising vehicles, both individually and in a strategic alliance.

"Advertisers are demanding more accountability from their media investments as overall ad budgets shrink," said Ethan Holien, CEO, Format Dynamics. "By teaming up with NeoMedia, we are providing advertisers with a unique channel for targeting consumers, yielding precise ROI metrics. At the same time, we're providing Web publishers with net-new, measurable inventory for incremental revenue."

NeoMedia focuses on improving advertising effectiveness via 2D barcodes that "hyperlink" printed materials to interactive mobile web content. Format Dynamics' CleanPrint technology reformats the printed Web page into a magazine-like format and digitally serves a targeted ad within each page. In addition, PrintTracker from Format Dynamics tracks all browser-based Web printing behavior, helping Web publishers to analyze campaign metrics and identify monetization opportunities.

Format Dynamics will extend NeoMedia's barcode technology to the ads it serves, providing marketers with additional analytics through a new measurable response mechanism with little incremental cost above their initial media investment.

"By working together with Format Dynamics to provide a broader range of media options in the unique niche of integrating offline and online advertising, we hope to draw more attention to our offerings while extending real value and innovation to our advertising clients," said Iain McCready, CEO, NeoMedia Technologies. "Advertisers are still trying to find effective and scalable opportunities in the mobile arena. NeoMedia's mobile barcode scanning solutions deliver engaging, consumer-initiated interactions with brands that leverage existing media investments."

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