Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NeoReader Available For The Blackberry

NeoMedia Technologies, the global leader in camera-initiated barcode transactions for mobile devices, is excited to announce that their mobile code reading application -- NeoReader® -- is now available for the Blackberry Curve and Pearl. The NeoReader transforms the Blackberry into a barcode scanner, which provides instant access to mobile content by clicking on 2D barcodes.

The NeoReader application turns the Blackberry into a mobile conduit to interactive content and information. The simple "one click" access makes the mobile internet much more accessible for Blackberry users -- by scanning 2D barcodes via the Blackberry's camera, users avoid typing in long URLs and navigating cumbersome menus. 2D barcodes serve as "hyperlinks" from printed mediums to mobile web content and are activated when and where users choose.

The use cases for mobile barcodes are virtually endless, from advertising or editorial content (e.g. movie trailer, product coupon or video content to accompany a print article) to public service information
(e.g. bus schedules or prescription drug information) and personal information (e.g. interactive business card). Blackberry users can even promote themselves with mobile barcodes. By creating personal codes users can link their website to a business card, a t-shirt, a social networking profile or any other creative place a barcode can be printed.

The NeoReader is a universal barcode scanning application that reads all standard 2D barcode symbologies -- QR, Data Matrix, Aztec -- so Blackberry users won't need multiple barcode readers. Many companies are beginning to utilize 2D barcodes in their marketing and communication efforts. By installing the NeoReader, Blackberry users will enjoy the value and convenience of a rich and relevant interactive experience wherever they encounter a mobile barcode.

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