Friday, August 08, 2008

McDonalds Finds Success With 12Snap & Gavitec

Gavitec AG - mobile digit, a NeoMedia Technologies company and
the leading provider of mobile ticketing and marketing solutions, in conjunction with 12Snap, an innovative market leader specializing in mobile marketing and customer loyalty solutions for advertisers, partnered with McDonalds to launch a mobile couponing initiative in Germany.

What do 99% of all people have in common? Besides their love for good food, they love to get something for free! With the SMS Lounge, McDonald’s invited customers to save money with their mobile phone. One text message was enough to register at their favorite restaurant for the service. In the following months, people received a mobile voucher directly from the restaurant onto their phone every two weeks. The coupons – embedded in a 2D barcode - could be redeemed by scanning them at the restaurant using Gavitec's EXIO readers.

By establishing a long-term dialogue that drives people to the restaurant and increases sales, not only does it offer people a service that gives them a real value, but it also helps build awareness by using a mechanic that presents McDonald’s as an innovative brand.

Mobile Couponing continues to develop the idea of the bonus program, by tying to learned consumer behavior, but at the same time, the cost for suppliers and customers is drastically reduced", explained Stefanie Krebs, managing director of 12snap Germany. "The phone is always there and thus the ideal platform for timely actions and coupon offers. Regular Incentives and a clear use promise are the best starting point for a permanent emotional customer connection."

Since its initial launch in July 2007, more than 10,000 participants have used this McDonald’s service. Being the first of its kind mobile couponing initiative throughout Germany, the brand achieved response rates up to 29%.

Nokia and Vodafone assisted 12Snap and Gavitec and helped make this mobile couponing initiative a great success.

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