Monday, October 27, 2008

Iusacell & NeoMedia Bring 2D Codes To Mexico

NeoMedia Technologies, the global leader in camera-initiated barcode transactions for mobile devices, has partnered with Iusacell to bring 2D codes to Mexico.

Iusacell, Mexico's 3rd largest mobile operator, has more than 4.3 million subscribers and provides cellular services to 90% of Mexico's population, including Mexico City. The company also offers local and long-distance telephony, messaging services, mobile television and wireless broadband services over the only 3G nation-wide network in Mexico.

In order to leverage its mobile code reading technology in Mexico, NeoMedia and Iusacell will deploy NeoSphere,
NeoMedia’s Code Management Platform. This suite of tools has been designed to easily develop, launch and manage mobile marketing campaigns based upon 2D codes and camera phones. NeoSphere provides a simple way to interact with consumers and offers an enriched mobile experience with brands. Moreover, it allows advertisers, marketing agencies and publishers to better monetize their traditional ad placements, and boost their marketing return-on-investment by providing detailed response metrics for traditional media as well as rich reporting and analytical information.

To interact with 2D codes, Iusacell subscribers can download the
NeoReader, which is a free universal mobile code reading application developed by NeoMedia Technologies and Gavitec AG - mobile digit. By installing the NeoReader, Iusacell subscribers will enjoy the value and convenience of a rich and relevant interactive experience whenever they encounter a mobile code.

In combination with NeoSphere and NeoReader, the mobile channel has become a viable new media platform in Mexico for brands, advertisers,
marketing agencies and publishers looking for a new and innovative way to interact with their audience.

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