Tuesday, May 12, 2009

tele.ring Partners With NeoMedia & IQ Mobile

NeoMedia Technologies, the global leader in mobile barcode scanning solutions, was selected by IQ mobile, the leading mobile marketing company in Central Europe, to provide 2D barcode services for Austrian carrier tele.ring.

With the support of the youth marketers, Young Enterprises will be introducing Mobile Tagging technology at 263 Middle and Secondary schools. For this campaign, mobile advertising tags will be placed on posters with a detailed explanation on how to download the NeoReader code scanning software from NeoMedia Technologies. By scanning the tags with their mobile device, students are directly connected to a campaign site where they can access free content.

"tele.ring is famous for its unconventional form of communication. We have considered a new way to communicate with the youthful target audience to engage in dialog. Young people are mobile, alert and always interested in new things. With our Mobile Tagging campaign, we reach our target audience efficiently and can mobilize. In the first five school days, there were over 250 Reader software downloads, 225 day-scans and page views, as well as 90 content downloads," said Peter Hörlezeder, communications director at tele.ring.

"The tagging campaign by tele.ring is something very special. Mobile tagging is not only part of the campaign, but the main actor. They give a detailed description of how it works. As expected, is precisely the target group of young people very experimental, mobile tagging is perfectly placed here," said Harald Winkelhofer, founder and CEO of mobile marketing agency IQ mobile.

IQ mobile already has numerous
campaigns in various sectors (including automotive, cosmetics, telecom) and media (tags on posters, city lights, mail, magazines and newspapers) and the response has always been excellent.

The creation and implementation of this mobile tagging campaign was carried out in cooperation with Young Enterprises and NeoMedia Technologies. IQ mobile was the brainstorming and the complete implementation of mobile, Young Enterprises was responsible for the billboard advertising in schools and NeoMedia provided the code reader software and 2D barcodes.

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