Monday, March 23, 2009

Who Will Be First To License NeoMedia's Patents

The mobile code ecosystem has been a buzz ever since NeoMedia Technologies announced last month that the United States Patent and Trademark Office had ruled in favor of NeoMedia in the reexamination of its U.S. Patent No. 6,199,048 -- System And Method For Automatic Access Of A Remote Computer Over A Network.

NeoMedia currently has 30 active patents spanning 13 countries, with 29 additional patents pending. These patents cover various linkage methods including: Barcodes, RFID, Mag Stripe, Voice, and other machine readable and keyed entry identifiers.

According to NeoMedia's CEO Iain McCready, "A couple of competitors in the USA have already asked us for a free license but we can’t accept that. We are a business and so are they. In a reasonable manner, and at a fair price, we want to move forward with this. I am open to discussion and we want to be seen as fair. We want the whole mobile barcode market to succeed and the license fee model is tried and tested and it works. It can be as simple or as difficult as people want it to be and we aim to keep it simple. We have been working very very closely with both the GSMA and the OMA, and by being connected, the introduction of a license model can and will only succeed."

With the Google backed ShopSavvy and CompareEverywhere barcode applications making strong headway, and the recently launched Microsoft Tag reader carving out its niche, the mobile code ecosystem is quickly attracting major industry players.

Last week France's Mobile Tag announced that former NeoMedia CEO William "Chip" Hoffman had joined the company to head up their US operations. Mobile Tag uses mobile barcode technology patented by NeoMedia, and makes for a very likely patent licensee. Likewise with Google, Microsoft, Scanbuy and Upcode.

In keeping with its vision and commitment to developing an interoperable global ecosystem, NeoMedia is licensing its technology to foster innovation in the creation of exciting new mobile barcode applications and services.

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Thanks for the update. Do you have anything more granular to add? Have you gotten a reaction from any of the potential licensing companies on how they view the NEOM patent situation? Are they inclined to work with NEOM?

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