Friday, February 27, 2009

VW QR Campaign With NeoMedia & DIMOCO

Volkswagen has kicked off an innovative QR code campaign with
NeoMedia Technologies and DIMOCO which is currently running in several Austrian magazines.

Readers of the magazines are linked to the NeoReader download site and will receive a VW-Scirocco Video when they scan the printed QR code.

This is the first mobile code campaign worldwide where the reader download and the content download are free for operators T-Mobile and Mobilkom
Austria covering 2/3 of all Austrian subscribers.

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Blogger TEC-IT said...

Interesting to read about this in an US based blog. I am located in Austria - but as far as I know there is no public feedback regarding this campaign.

I am not a marketing professional, but I am asking myself if a product like a car really benefits from such "tech-style" marketing ideas. BMW has done similar in the past (using Semacodes aka Data Matrix codes and a branded reader) - but I've never heard if this was something like a success.

From my point of view buying a car needs some time for making a decision (especially in 2009, but that's another topic). A video download to a mobile phone is not enough to turn the user into a future Scirocco owner.

The only benefit I can see, is that the brand "VW Scirocco" is supported by some trendy flavour.


10:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Havent seen this one before. I would love to talk to NeoMedia about designer QR codes.

Patrick Donnelly, QrArts

10:54 AM  

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