Tuesday, January 20, 2009

TecCom Selects NeoReader For TecIdentify

Last October, NeoMedia Technologies, the global leader in camera-initiated barcode transactions for mobile devices, announced that they had been selected by TecCom, the leading B2B platform for the automotive replacement part market, to help identify if security coded automotive parts are genuine.

The first IT platform to check the authenticity of auto parts is now fully available in Version 1.2. Many well-known manufacturers will add this new security feature in the form of a 2D barcode to their packaging. Any person anywhere in the world can now check products bearing the CLEPA security code at any time of day or night. TecCom supports the European automotive suppliers' association (CLEPA) in the fight against product piracy.

The first to use the production system is Continental Teves, Federal Mogul and TRW will soon follow with their first product lines. Each product will carry a worldwide unique identification number in the form of a data matrix barcode. With this it can be unmistakably authenticated. Other security
measures like holograms, seals or color codes depend on immediate recognition. It is necessary for the user to know in advance how to recognize the features. CLEPA follows a different method with its security code: identification using an IT solution: TecIdentify. Checking is based on intelligent test algorithms that cannot be copied and a standard database that is protected from unallowed access.

To use TecIdentify a customer needs an Internet PC with a scanner or a camera phone equipped with the NeoReader to check auto parts and get an immediate answer. The research of visible security features needed to achieve the same level of security is no longer needed.

The TecCom solution TecIdentify serves as the central authentication service for all who want to check a part's authenticity: manufacturers, customs, traders, garages or drivers. “Many of our first movers used this year's Automechanika in Frankfurt to explain the problems of product piracy to their customers. TecIdentify is a natural fit. That TecIdentify won the Automechanika Innovation Prize in the Category IT & Management shows the high visibility of this topic,” says Jürgen Buchert, CEO of TecCom GmbH.

"NeoMedia’s mission is to enable the global market to realize the ease, convenience and simplicity of 2D barcode technology," said Iain McCready, CEO of NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. "By extending the reach of our technology to the mobile handset, we are able to add increased flexibility and portability to our 2D barcode offering, while reducing the cost of existing fixed location scanning solutions. Our work with TecCom reflects the practicality and adaptability of our technology and demonstrates the vast range of commercial applications for 2D barcode systems."

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