Monday, November 05, 2007

Gavitec Forms Alliance With Ryanair & Ticket Text

Gavitec AG - mobile digit; a leading provider of mobile technologies and marketing solutions and a wholly owned subsidiary of NeoMedia Technologies; the global leader in camera initiated transactions for mobile devices, today announced that together with Ryanair; Europe's largest low fares airline, and Ticket Text; a Dublin-based provider of one of the world's first mobile event ticket services, formed a strong alliance to bring mobile ticketing to the European market and offer a clear solution to existing expensive and ineffective paper ticketing systems.

The principle is simple; both websites of Ryanair and Ticket Text are linked to each other. About 52 million Ryanair passengers can access a whole range of low cost event tickets provided by Ticket Text all over Europe. NeoMedia's Gavitec scanners then read the mobile tickets at the event site.

Mobile ticketing is becoming increasingly popular world-wide. Fans and concert goers buy their ticket on the internet and receive a text message with a two-dimensional code (e.g. Data Matrix codes) on their mobile phone display. NeoMedia's Gavitec scanners then read and validate the code at the entry point to the venue.

Dr. Christian Steinborn, President and COO of NeoMedia Technologies commented: "The future belongs to mobile ticketing. Our cooperation with Ryanair and Ticket Text creates a compelling offering which will push forward mobile ticketing enormously using Gavitec's code-reading systems and software for mobile applications."

Tim Delaney, Ticket Text's chairman added, "We are delighted to announce this alliance with Gavitec AG - mobile digit. Our combined solution presents a clear and compelling offering to both venue managers and event customers. Ryanair's 50 million customers will be offered low-cost tickets for concerts, sports, theaters, galleries, and exhibitions in Ireland, UK, and the rest of Europe."

NeoMedia's Gavitec offers full-service solutions for the application of mobile ticketing, ranging from scanners to corresponding software with their technology offering various opportunities for innovative and cost-effective marketing campaigns, such as using new channels of distribution and a more targeted and well directed sales approach with precise response evaluation.

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