Thursday, August 06, 2009

Brown Printing Launches New Mobile Solutions

Brown Printing Company, in conjunction with Prinovis and NeoMedia Technologies, announced today the launch of B.Mobile.

The new service transforms traditional print advertising into an interactive, multi-media experience. Utilizing 2D mobile barcodes, B.Mobile turns mobile phone cameras into barcode scanners allowing consumers instant access to real-time product or service information, downloadable content, and mobile commerce transactions.

B.Mobile integrates products from Brown’s sister company Prinovis and NeoMedia to provide a total solution package. B.Mobile provides the ability to optimize websites for the mobile phone display, adaptation of content for mobile internet, and statistical reporting on scanning activity. Code management tools provide the ability to change and update content linked to barcodes at any time, so printed pieces become interactive and dynamic. The mobile barcodes provide a reliable response tracking mechanism that helps measure success and allow campaigns to be adapted in real-time.

"B.Mobile’s tool kit makes executing barcode activities easy and intuitive, allowing magazines and catalogs to run smarter, more successful marketing programs," explained Mark Treat, Chief Information officer for Brown Printing Company. "This technology allows consumers to engage with barcodes on their own terms. The self selection yields interested and motivated prospects."

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