Sunday, December 02, 2007

NeoMedia Technologies' NeoServer™-OMS

NeoMedia’s NeoServer™-OMS (Optical Messaging Service) is a complete infrastructure with services for generating printed codes, reading those codes, and then acting upon the codes by delivering mobile content.

By linking barcodes and brand names to targeted URL’s, the NeoServer™-OMS allows mobile marketers to promote their products and services directly to consumers, anytime, anywhere. Employing the rich media capabilities of the mobile web, the NeoServer™-OMS is the pre-eminent enabler for mobile marketing campaigns. Now mobile marketers can offer the consumer instant and effortless access to any marketing activity, including contests, coupons, tracking, polling, events, ticketing, direct purchases, mobile entertainment, real time information and more. NeoMedia’s NeoServer™-OMS reaches as far as our imagination.

The NeoServer™-OMS is a robust, reliable, scalable, and extensible infrastructure leading the way for universal code support and interoperability. This infrastructure includes solutions of access technology and resolution services using carrier-grade infrastructure, architecture, and interoperability.


NeoServer-OMS is composed of mobile handset software and several web services, all of which combine to provide mobile users with the ability to directly retrieve content by either automatically scanning barcodes, or manually entering keywords or barcode numbers.

* Gateway for routing
* Link Manager for code linking and resolution
* Directory service


* Each customer’s codes can be housed on a different Resolution Service, if desired
* Gateways handle sorting out Resolution Services
* Gateways can be regional or in carrier infrastructure, shortening network delay
* No single service instance is critical for entire world

Technical highlights

* Scalable and reliable
* Handles increases in load well
* No single point of failure

* Localizable
* Services can be deployed regionally
* Customers can “own” their services

* Flexible
* Service widest possible variety of handsets
* Act as “front end” for other services

* Standards-compliant
* Use industry-standard protocols and systems

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