Tuesday, March 25, 2008

CITI Telecom Powers Smirnoff With Gavitec EXIO

Gavitec AG - mobile digit, a NeoMedia Technologies company and the leading provider of mobile ticketing and marketing solutions, in conjunction with CITI Telecommunications, an innovative solutions and services company, partnered for the Smirnoff Experience in Dubai.

The CITI Telecommunications mobile ticketing technology was used along side Gavitec's EXIO scanners to enable 4,000+ participants to enter a drawing via SMS. The participants received an entry ticket on their mobile phone in real
time at the venue allowing them a chance to win 2 VIP trips to Paris France.

Gavitec’s flexible and easy-to-use technology offers many advantages such as new channels of distribution, a more targeted and directed sales approach and precise response evaluation. The capabilities of the Gavitec product range allow for many other mobile marketing applications: For example, different data contents like tickets, coupons or discount vouchers can be encrypted in the form of two-dimensional codes and sent to mobile phones via SMS. The code appears in the mobile phone display and is then read by Gavitec scanners (EXIO or MD-20). Codes are automatically and securely validated against a database via GPRS. Gavitec’s code-reading technology turns the mobile phone into an ideal platform for the transfer and verification of electronic tickets.

The event was a first of its kind in Dubai and an overall success. Please enjoy the pictures below:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The display set-up looks great. I imagine it was recieved well. Good job Gavitec on remaining focused on your strategy. : )

--A friend

8:22 PM  
Anonymous MoSecure said...

CITI Telecom is now rebranded as MoSecure and addressing major mobile initiatives in the Middle East

Check them online at http://www.mosecure.net

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have seen so many press releases recently about MoSecure and their innovative movement. You are becoming another channel to support any M-Business and really positioning well. I personally enjoyed the technology and service in Smirnoff events.

12:12 AM  

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