Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gavitec & Omniprime Launch MRT E-Wallet Card

Gavitec AG - mobile digit, a NeoMedia Technologies company and the leading provider of mobile ticketing and marketing solutions, in conjunction with the Philippines' leading mobile solutions specialist, Omniprime, have launched a new Prepaid E-Wallet Card for Manila’s major public transportation line MRT3.

To answer the more than 500,000 daily MRT commuter's plea for a more convenient ticketing system, Metro Star Express in cooperation with Omniprime, Gavitec, and the three leading Philippine telecom companies, Smart, Globe, and Sun cellular, bring together a new innovative use for the cell phone - to buy and prepay MRT tickets.

Convenience is what MRT commuters get when they activate a Juan Card E-Wallet with their cell phone. The majority of cell phone subscribers in the Philippines are now using prepaid and/or e-loaded cards. Using the Juan Card E-Wallet is no different. One card provides an added advantage because people subscribing to different cell phone companies can simply use one type of e-card to buy their e-loads for calling and texting, while at the same time, empowering them to buy their MRT e-tickets.

Almost a year of hard work in programing, installation, and testing has been conducted by MRT's technicians and consultants, together with Omniprime's management, engineers, and IT professionals to test the end to end mobile ticketing system.

Simeon Kintanar, chairman of Omniprime and former president of the Philippines’ National Telecommunications Commission, and committee chairman of the House of Representatives for telecommunications, explains the decision for partnering with NeoMedia’s Gavitec, "This project is top priority for Omniprime. Due to the high reliability and quality of the Gavitec technology, and following our long and in-depth testing phase, we knew that partnering with NeoMedia's Gavitec was good for both companies."

“The circumstances given in the Philippines hold a considerable potential for development for mobile marketing. We are very pleased to again prove the established performance of the Gavitec technology with the implementation of this mobile ticketing project for MRT3,“ emphasized the COO of NeoMedia, Dr. Christian Steinborn.

Gavitec’s flexible and easy-to-use technology offers many advantages such as new channels of distribution, a more targeted and directed sales approach and precise response evaluation. The capabilities of the Gavitec product range allow for many other mobile marketing applications: For example, different data contents like tickets, coupons or discount vouchers can be encrypted in the form of two-dimensional codes and sent to mobile phones via SMS. The code appears in the mobile phone display and is then read by Gavitec scanners (EXIO or MD-20). Codes are automatically and securely validated against a database via GPRS. Gavitec’s code-reading technology turns the mobile phone into an ideal platform for the transfer and verification of electronic tickets.

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