Monday, March 10, 2008

Brandscape Fuels Powerade With Gavitec EXIO

Brandscape, in conjunction with Wayin and Gavitec AG - mobile digit, unveiled a powerful new use of Bluetooth content delivery and instant prizes at Powerade's Pick n Pay Argus Expo stand.

If you registered for this year's Pick n Pay Argus Cycle Tour at the Good Hope Center in Cape Town South Africa, you would have come across a new promotional mechanic that's raising eyebrows. Promoters wearing Hypertags® that can transmit content via Bluetooth or infrared approached cyclists in the event's registration area. Content included Powerade's great “ICE RUGBY” video commercial, the soundtrack as a ringtone, and branded wallpapers. The incentive to take up the offer? - A bar coded win voucher Bluetoothed to consumers' mobile phones and redeemable at the award-winning Powerade expo stand. High-quality prizes included Powerade - branded wallets,
saddle bags, bandannas, golf towels and the obligatory and always popular caps and lanyards. Voucher holders scanned their barcodes at the stand using Gavitec's EXIO readers to find out what they had won.

Gordon Parkin, Creative Director at Brandscape says: “This is the perfect mechanic to ensure that Expo visitors make a stop at the Powerade stand. It also allows the brand to penetrate the consumer's personal space and utilize the billboard space of the future: the mobile handset.” All interactions are logged, and prizes are given out according to a closely monitored database, ensuring effective use of

Powerade Brand Manager, Ismail Nanabhay had briefed Brandscape to find an accountable, compelling way of engaging cyclists at the Argus, in a way that could be extended to other sponsored events, such as the Two Oceans Marathon.

“Powerade is the perfect brand to launch a digital strategy, fun, sporty, yet with serious technology behind the product. We're experimenting with Hypertag®, and are impressed with its accountability, and ability to engage – especially when combined with Brandscape's mobile handset scanners. Watch this space, there's a lot of exciting stuff still to come from us,” commented Nanabhay.

Eventing is the perfect place for brands and advertisers to wet their toe's with our technology,” says Brandscape Managing Director Damian Hardy, “but the real power lies in retail, where simple, effectively-incentivised purchases and card-less loyalty is now a reality.”

Brandscape Proximity Marketing Solutions offers marketers innovative and personal ways of communicating, interacting and rewarding individual consumers directly to their mobile phones. Rich media content is sent, at no charge to the recipient, via Bluetooth and infrared that starts a permission-based conversation that benefits both brand and consumer. Mobile tickets and vouchers are delivered by SMS, MMS, WAP or via Hypertag® Bluetooth and redeemed online with Brandpoint scanners. Brandscape partners with clients to create effective, intelligent, hard working consumer activation campaigns for mobile proximity marketing. Activation results are measurable and accountable. Brandscape is the South African business partner to Hypertag® UK, This partnership affords local clients, access to global technologies, best practice, support and expertise.

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