Sunday, December 16, 2007

MC2 Meets In London During OMA World 2007

The Mobile Codes Consortium (MC2) held a meeting in London this past week during Open Mobile Alliance World 2007.

The event offers an opportunity to engage the OMA community in the successes and future direction of the organization, as well as demonstrate the commitment of the OMA to the wireless industry and to the global adoption of mobile data services. OMA World is an informational event open to all OMA members at all levels of membership. Selected invitees from the analyst and media community, as well as guests from other industry organizations are welcome to attend.

According to Torulf Jernstrom, Business Development Manager at Nokia, and Dr. Frank Mueller, Chief Strategist at Gavitec, 20 people attended the Mobile Codes Consortium meeting this past Wednesday in London and the entire initiative was looking very good.

The meeting, which included representatives from Vodafone and Orange, even included reps from Mobile Tag, which was spun off from France's leading mobile software developer Abaxia.

According to HP lab's Tim Kindberg, "The Mobile Codes Consortium is the only body seriously aimed at building a mobile codes ecosystem. It is setting the standards that others will follow. It's where Nokia -- not to mention Telefonica O2 -- is really at with mobile codes."

Nokia and Gavitec are both members of the MC2 Steering Group, along with HP Labs, Publicis Groupe, NeoMedia Technologies, Telefonica O2, Deutsche Telekom, and KPN.

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