Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hornbach Mobilizes With Prinovis & NeoMedia

Earlier this month, Prinovis announced it had entered into a strategic partnership with NeoMedia Technologies. The cooperation brought together technology leader NeoMedia and innovative print and publishing powerhouse Prinovis.

Based in Germany and the UK, Prinovis provides custom print and communication solutions tailored to their customer’s individual needs and requirements. By incorporating mobile
barcoding from NeoMedia, Prinovis can help clients integrate customer touchpoints in a powerful new way.

Jürgen Freier, managing director of sales at Prinovis, this week announced, "The first user of our new mobile services is Hornbach Austria." According to
Jürgen, "2D codes can be sent as mobile coupons via SMS to each customer's mobile phone and held over a scanner at the point of sale to be redeemed. The devices - the EXIO barcode scanners from NeoMedia Europe AG - have been placed in all eleven Austrian branches of Hornbach."

Hornbach is the European market leader in the field of Do-It-Yourself megastores with garden centers, and operates around 130 outlets in eight European countries. The company provides a comprehensive range of products at permanently low prices at its megastores across Europe.

"Mobile barcoding is breathing new life into print mediums and NeoMedia is proud to deliver this exciting capability to the marketplace. Prinovis is adding exceptional value to their customers by turning every printed piece they deliver into a measurable, interactive experience. What advertiser doesn’t want this capability?" states Iain McCready, CEO of NeoMedia.

"Mobile barcoding allows Prinovis customers to run smarter, more successful dialogue and loyalty oriented marketing programs. NeoMedia’s tools make executing barcode activities easy and intuitive. We are able to provide a lot of upside to our customers without a lot of additional effort," commented Thorsten Thiel CEO, from Prinovis.

Jürgen Freier added, "Prinovis is seeking partnerships in Germany and Switzerland for the new mobile services. England is also interested in the enterprise solution."

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Friday, June 05, 2009

Prinovis & NeoMedia Form Strategic Partnership

NeoMedia Technologies has entered into a strategic partnership with Prinovis. The cooperation brings together technology leader NeoMedia and innovative print and publishing powerhouse Prinovis.

Mobile services add punch to print - Printed products become interactive thanks to 2D codes.

Prinovis now offers its customers a revolutionary linking of print, online and mobile: its new Mobile Solutions line of business adds interactivity to catalogs, magazines and ads, for innovative new marketing and communication campaigns.

The solutions were developed on the basis of 2D codes also known as Data Matrix or QR codes. These codes can now be sent to any mobile phone as mobile coupons, redeemable by the customer via a scanner at the POS. The content, timing and validity of a promotion can be continually updated as needed, and detailed reporting ensures total transparency throughout the campaign. Possible fields of application include special offers, attractive special promotions and shop openings, as well as targeted customer relationship management based on a CRM system. Another possible application is ‘mobile tagging’, where the camera feature of a mobile phone is used in conjunction with a 2D code for direct access to the mobile Web, where additional content can be presented, along with downloads, prize drawings and many more options.

The core benefit is clear: up-do-date, interactive printed products, along with one-to-one marketing without wastage. This allows Prinovis customers to run smarter, more successful marketing and communication promotions, combining the look-and-feel of printed advertising with the interactivity of mobile sites.

Prinovis was formed in 2005 from the merger of all German gravure-printing operations of the three companies Gruner + Jahr, Axel Springer and arvato. Prinovis offers its customers custom print and communication solutions, tailored to their individual needs and requirements.

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