Saturday, March 03, 2007

Prentice Hall Makes Textbooks Interactive

NeoMedia's qode®, which links consumers and cell phones directly to information and offers on the Mobile Internet, is now featured in the new edition of Prentice Hall's college text book, “Marketing: real people, real choices.”

Prentice Hall chose to implement qode® to create interactive textbooks that allow additional content to be delivered on both student and teacher mobile devices. This innovation demonstrates how textbooks do not have to be lackluster, and instead allow users to become fully immersed and involved in the material.

In order to create the first completely interactive edition, Prentice H
all developed the text book “Marketing: real people, real choices,” which implemented NeoMedia's qode® technology. This allows users to download the qode® application on their personal mobile phones to discover additional information, videos from the book’s authors, games, and news.

There are a total of 12 interactive 2-dimensional smartcodes integrated into the textbook that link
to case studies from companies including Tupperware®, Ron Jon Surf ShopK, Darden Restaurants Inc. (the world's largest casual dining restaurant company with brands including Red Lobster™, Olive Garden™, Bahama Breeze™ and Smokey Bones Barbeque & Grill™), and Grendha Shoes Corporation, the U.S. distributor of U.S. brands Rider, Melissa and Grendha. The book developed additional articles and sections presenting qode’s® new mobile marketing technique as an official marketing medium.

According to NeoMedia's Rick Szatkowski, "NeoMedia is delighted to have our exciting multi-media launch of qode® included with these prestigious international companies and brands. Together with the authors and Prentice Hall, we have made this one of the first interactive textbooks using the Mobile Internet, delivering updated information as well as 'fun' content to the students and professors through their mobile phones."

NeoMedia and qode® were chosen for the new edition of their book, "Because mobile marketing represents and achieves the next level in performance-based marketing," author Dr. Solomon emphasized. "qode® provides an opportunity for marketers to create a one-to-one marketing experience with the consumer wherever and whenever they are interacting with a product or brand through conventional media. Responses to 'calls-to-action' become measurable by media channel, providing marketers with the ability to fine-tune their message and channels in real-time."

Additionally, Prentice Hall has launched a mobile sales force automation/support tool powered by qode®, “FonCram”, for this book and 39 other additional titles.

Click here to view the Prentice Hall produced video on NeoMedia and their mobile platform qode

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