Saturday, March 03, 2007

NeoMedia Named Top Technology Innovator

Marie Germain, founder and CEO of BrainFood Partners Inc. and current Chairman of Plexus 2007, lists NeoMedia's qode® amongst her top technology innovators of 2007.

Comprised of a list of 26, NeoMedia's qode
® shares the distinguished honor with industry heavyweights Apple, Yahoo, IBM, and Nokia.

According to Marie, "
The following innovators, from the stalwart behemoths to the bootstrapped entrepreneurs, are worthy of praise – they are changing our future."

iphone by Apple (the most robust phone device yet)
2. Qode by NeoMedia (Mobile Phone Bar Code Scanner)
3. Zink by same (portable inkless printer for digital devices)
4. Eyejot by same (video sharing though email)
5. PayPerPost by same (Paid consumer blog network for advertisers)
6. Joost formerly Venice Project (richer alternative to YouTube)
7. Lotus Connections by IBM (Collaboration software)
8. LinkedIn by same (Answers/Experts Low cost procurement of soft expertise)
9. Yah00! 100 brands by Yahoo! (Media Channels for advertisers)
10. ejamming by same (voip for musicians)
11. Apollo by Adobe (web apps to the desktop)
12. Mobio Networks by same (mobile mashup platform)
13. Scram by Ceelox (embeds encrypted messages behind images)
14. Sentinel by Iwerx (catches blog content pirates)
15. D’Fusion by Total Immersion (inserts 3D into live video images)
16. Advanced Photonics by Alps Electric / CAPE (holographic image from mobile devices)
17. BitTorrent by same (bandwidth enabling video distribution like no other)
18. Orb Networks by same (allows users to view and create videos on their mobile devices)19.
Sundance Global Short Film Project /Robert Redford (creating short content for mobile devices)
20. Sitemaps by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft (new search protocol by stie maps)
21. Wibree by Nokia (radio technology dual core chip uses so little energy for smallest devices like a watch)
22. Tagworld by same (social network with all-in-one capabilities)
23. RDF and OWL - Semantic Web by Tim Berners-Lee (application-free framework and language that allows data interchange)
24. Videoegg by same (simplifies video capture)
25. Upload by same (blogging platform that requires no programmer)
26. Xensource by same (moves multiple virtual servers without friction)

For more on
Marie Germain, please visit her Plexusity blog.

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