Thursday, March 01, 2007

NeoMedia Joins Global BREW Developer Directory

NeoMedia Technologies, a global leader in mobile enterprise and marketing technology has joined QUALCOMM's global BREW® Developer Directory.

All Authenticated Developers are afforded BREW Developer status in the BREW Alliance Program and BREW Developer membership gives developers access to everything needed to create and sell wireless applications.

To become a commercial BREW Developer you must be authenticated.
The process contains four parts, and once authenticated, developers receive all the benefits of the BREW Alliance Program.

To be listed as a BREW Developer by QUALCOMM, NeoMedia had to have their mobile qode® platform complete the rigorous testing process in order for it to become TRUE BREW® compatibility certified.

It is important to note that an application must pass TRUE BREW® compatibility testing before a developer can create a price plan for an Operator that participates in the Standard BREW program. The creation of the price plan allows the Operator to evaluate the application for inclusion on a commercial application catalog. If the Operator chooses to accept the price and include the application on a commercial catalog, the application will be available for download and use on the specified BREW handset.

Now that NeoMedia's mobile qode® platform is TRUE BREW certified, the company can now begin talking with carriers around the world that require BREW applications.

The following helps to quantify how truly huge the BREW opportunity universe is for NeoMedia's qode®.

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