Monday, March 19, 2007

NeoMedia's qode® Available For BREW

NeoMedia Technologies, a global leader in mobile enterprise and marketing technology, announced today that its flagship qode® barcode reader technology is available as a BREW® application for mobile devices. QUALCOMM's flexible BREW® offerings provide industry-leading publishers and developers with the tools necessary to create compelling mobile content services and applications.

Any wireless service provider offering BREW
® services can now choose to provide qode® via its wireless data offerings. qode® on BREW® will enable content and media companies to market their services and extend their brand through camera phones.

By extending its qode® application and technology to the BREW® solution, NeoMedia has "broadly expanded its coverage of the market space," said Chas Fritz, acting CEO and chairman of NeoMedia Technologies.

"By offering qode® as a BREW® application, NeoMedia has been able to add over 45 mobile handsets to our portfolio of qode® handsets," Fritz said. "By leveraging QUALCOMM's BREW® solution, we have significantly increased handset coverage for qode® with a solution that has proven to be successful in the global wireless market."

"NeoMedia's qode® has demonstrated that mobile content extends beyond ringtones and wallpapers to include something as innovative as a barcode reader application," said Christophe Bernard, staff manager, developer relations for QUALCOMM Internet Services. "qode® on BREW® represents a positive step for NeoMedia in extending the reach of its qode® service, which will help assist wireless service providers in offering truly differentiated service offerings to wireless end users."

NeoMedia's qode® includes qode®reader and qode®window, providing One Click to Content™ connectivity for products, print, packaging and other physical objects to link directly to specific desired content via the mobile internet. qode®reader works with camera enabled phones, letting users "click" on 2-dimensional "smart codes" for a direct connection to desired multimedia information, advertising, promotions and content, etc., and qode®window lets users enter a key word, slogan, barcode number or other unique identifier, for similar connection.

BREW® solutions change the way people relate to wireless data services. By enabling discovery and delivery of high-value content, BREW® creates opportunities for the wireless industry to enhance consumers' mobile data experience. QUALCOMM's comprehensive and targeted BREW® Signature Solutions offer reduced time-to-market and lower capital investment for companies providing mobile products and services. Customers can also benefit from several modular BREW® offerings, including uiOne™, deliveryOne™ and QPoint™, which provide the foundation for customer-differentiated wireless data capabilities.

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