Saturday, March 17, 2007

NeoMedia & Mobalis Power +Mas Nescafe

NeoMedia Technologies and Latin American Mobile Marketing agency Mobalis have teamed up to power +mas Nescafe's Amnesia World Tour 2007.

Mobalis, a multimedia Mobile Marketing agency and one of NeoMedia's partners in Latin America, offering a "one-stop shop" complete mobile solution for the Mexican market, is responsible for the interactive implementation at the +mas Nescafe
Amnesia World Tour.

With an infusion of international Dj's, electronic music, and enthusiastic youth culture, +mas Nescafe will be using NeoMedia's mobile qode® technology to interact with consumers during the 2007 Amnesia World Tour, who will be able to click on 2-dimensional smartcodes and type keywords into a search-style window on their mobile phones to view an exclusive video and receive information about their favorite Dj's, as well as sample and download music clips. Everyone who interacts with qode® will receive free Nescafe Revelate cell phone wallpaper.

NeoMedia's patented qode® suite is an easy-to-use set of applications, including qode®reader and qode®window, which provide One Click to Content
connectivity for products, print, packaging, and other physical objects to link directly to specific desired content on the Mobile Internet. qode®reader works with camera phones, letting users "click" on two-dimensional "smart codes" to access the Mobile Web site to which the code is linked. qode®window allows users to reach the same destination by entering a keyword, slogan, or product barcode number.

To install qode on your mobile device, connect to via the mobile web or simply text 'qode' to 66268. Once you have qode downloaded and installed, simply key in the qode®word "MAS" or click on the +mas Nescafe smartcode shown to the right.

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Anonymous Land Baron said...

Seems like NeoMedia is making some in-roads in Latin America. I would gather that some of these campaigns will eventually migrate north. Maybe you can set up an inteview with the Amnesia Tour folks and find out more background of why they chose qode over other PWC brands.

7:47 PM  

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