Thursday, July 03, 2008

OgilvyOne Adopts NeoReader and NeoSphere

NeoMedia Technologies, the global leader in camera-initiated barcode transactions for mobile devices, today announced that OgilvyOne Worldwide has deployed two of NeoMedia’s innovative mobile products: NeoReader (barcode scanning application) and NeoSphere (code management platform) for the launch of neo@ogilvy, its integrated digital and direct media company in Malaysia. The launch has been planned and managed by Rezonanze, NeoMedia’s strategic partner in Asia and a leading interactive branding and marketing consultancy.

For the launch of its new division neo@ogilvy in Malaysia, OgilvyOne Worldwide invited brands and advertisers to attend a special reception. The OgilvyOne invitation featured a 2D barcode that linked to neo@ogilvy WAP pages. By scanning the code with their camera phones, attendees were able to preview the neo@ogilvy profile on their mobile phones. The NeoReader, NeoMedia’s 2D barcode scanning application, was used to capture the codes and instantly deliver the multimedia information about OgilvyOne’s new division on mobile phone displays.

“This project clearly points out the significant advantages our technology brings to the advertising and marketing industry” says Iain McCready, CEO of NeoMedia Technologies, and continues “with the NeoReader, marketers are able to address specific targeted audience segments with precise response measurement”.

To create the 2D barcode and link it to the mobile Web, Rezonanze deployed NeoSphere, NeoMedia’s Code Management Platform. This suite of tools has been designed to easily develop, launch and manage mobile marketing campaigns based upon 2D codes and camera phones. NeoSphere provides a simple way to interact with consumers and offers an enriched mobile experience with brands. Moreover, it allows advertisers, marketing agencies and publishers to better monetize their traditional ad placements, and boost their marketing return-on-investment by providing detailed response metrics for traditional media as well as rich reporting and analytics information.

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