Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Javien Licenses NeoMedia's qode® Platform

Javien Digital Payment Solutions announced today that it has entered into a transaction fee based license agreement for the qode® platform, an innovative direct-to-mobile-web technology solution from NeoMedia Technologies. The pioneering qode® solution from NeoMedia allows consumers to interact with products and services in the physical world using barcodes allowing for content and products to be consumed.

Javien Digital Payment Solutions, delivers next-generation e-commerce and m-commerce management platforms to content providers for driving online sales. Offered primarily as an ASP-hosted service, Javien technology helps digital music sites successfully deploy and manage subscriptions, pay-per- view, downloads, micro-payments and alternative billing. Javien's customers include MTV Networks, Trans World Entertainment, Ruckus Network, MusicNet, iMesh, Bearshare, SNOCAP, Azureus, Hungama Mobile, Forbes.com and Thomson.

Javien Digital Payment Solutions will incorporate the power of the NeoMedia qode® platform into its persuasive Total Commerce Solution™ allowing for a complete billing, couponing and content product acquisition and resolution offering. NeoMedia will earn $0.05 per click and expects each transaction to generate up to four clicks.

"Online and brick and mortar merchants are looking for ways to maximize sales and bridge the digital world to the physical world, and qode® will allow us to expand our services to markets and customers in the physical world," said Leslie Poole, Javien's CEO.

According to Chas Fritz, Chairman and Interim CEO of NeoMedia Technologies, qode® gives Javien a strong competitive advantage over other payment processing system vendors.

"qode® gives Javien an additional commerce channel for their clients. It also enables Javien to expand into new physical world markets quickly," said Fritz.

With benefits like these, Mr. Poole is convinced that qode® offers significant added value to its client base. "We are excited to integrate this technology into our platform, giving our clients another profitable revenue source," he said.

NeoMedia's qode® includes qode®reader and qode®window, providing One Click to Content™ connectivity for products, print, packaging and other physical objects to link directly to specific desired content via the mobile internet. qode®reader works with camera enabled phones, letting users "click" on 2-dimensional "smart codes" for a direct connection to desired multimedia information, advertising, promotions and content, etc., and qode®window lets users enter a key word, slogan, barcode number or other unique identifier, for similar connection.

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