Monday, April 09, 2007

qode® Provides Direct Connect For Mobile Games

NeoMedia Technologies, an innovator in wireless services and patented technologies that provide automatic links to content on the Mobile Internet, and Cellufun, a leading provider of real-time multi-player games that can be played on existing and next-generation Web-enabled mobile phones, have teamed up to provide qode® technology to link consumers to Cellufun's Mobile Game portfolio.

Cellufun, whose off-deck strategy has attracted more than 1 million subscribers, will use Internet-linked smartcodes and keywords from NeoMedia in print ads, online, and other promotions "deep-linked" to its mobile games. Along with subscribing to smartcodes and keywords, Cellufun will drive downloads of the qode® mobile phone software to existing and new subscribers, allowing them to link to game downloads on the Mobile Internet by clicking on a 2-dimensional smartcode or entering a keyword.

"Our award-winning games, multiplayer environment, and gaming community are very attractive to mobile gamers," said Arthur Goikhman, CEO of Cellufun. "By using qode®, existing subscribers will be able to directly connect to other games in our expanding portfolio, and new subscribers will be able to avoid the complexities of navigating the mobile phone to connect to Cellufun's content. Clicking on a smartcode or keying in a keyword from our print promotions or Web site is the best and fastest way to effortlessly download a game."

"NeoMedia is excited to be on the leading edge of this exploding market in our partnership with Cellufun," said Rick Szatkowski, vice president of Business Development for qode®. "Recognizing the interdependence between the necessary constituents of the Mobile Internet ecosystem, NeoMedia will continue to use qode® and work with our partners to bolster what we believe is a leadership position in the rapidly growing market uptake for mobile gaming and other Mobile Web content and applications."

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