Saturday, April 14, 2007

Announce Mobile Launches Hip2D

Announce Mobile's Hip2D combines the power of NeoMedia Technologies qode
® platform with the interaction of a full-featured WAP portal.

By using the innovative qode
®reader on their mobile device the consumer is able to instantly obtain product information, participate in scavenger hunts, enter contests, or view a movie trailer or song sample simply by clicking on a 2-dimensional barcode.

Make your campaigns, packages, displays, ads, publications, or any other medium come alive. Attract new customers, improve loyalty, and increase brand awareness and revenues.

A smartcode can be printed on just about anything as long as the quality and size are capable of being read by the camera phone. The easy to use application runs locally on the consumer's phone or PDA.

According to Jeff Mould, CEO of Announce Mobile, "We are happy to announce the launch of Hip2D, which is the integration of the 2D code platform provided by NeoMedia Technologies called qode, and our WAP development platform and team. With Hip2D, businesses get a one-stop-shop for 2D code, code reader, and WAP portal, m-commerce site, or content. This single solution provider allows us and NeoMedia to deliver complete solutions to customers quickly and efficiently. By partnering together we are each able to deliver new and exciting solutions to our customers."

We are excited to begin offering our customers true LBS solutions along with the 2D codes. I think our next project may be working to integrate the entire platform into one single offering. Imagine making 2D codes geographically aware directly at the phone level. Or a 2D code that responds differently based on a previous location. The possibilities are endless and we are happy to see the technology finally catching up in the US."

Founded in 2006, Announce Mobile is a leader in Mobile Marketing and provides the tools necessary for any business to easily conduct Mobile campaigns that are able to reach millions of subscribers.

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